Sonic® Swiss Bearings

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Sonic Swiss Bearings are precision honed for maximum speed with Swiss engineered races and balls. Deep groove raceways and premium SUJ2 chrome steel work to withstand aggressive turns and stops. They use a labyrinth seal that defends against dirt and debris, with a nylon retainer to make them light and quiet. Fully serviceable and pre-lubricated with Sonic Super Gel. FAST Swiss engineered races and balls are precision honed for maximum speed STRONG Deep groove raceways & premium Japanese SUJ2 chrome steel withstand hardest turns & stops LONG LASTING Labyrinth seal defends against dirt & debris to extend bearing life SMOOTH Nylon ball retainer – lighter, quieter & faster than a metal cage SERVICEABLE Pre-lubricated with Sonic Super Gel – remove non-contact rubber seals for easy cleaning CONTENTS 16 bearings/pack SKU #10011
Category: Bearings