allen key

As an inline skater and roller hockey player, Cliff Chi got tired of bruising his knuckles rotating wheels. The allen key that came in the skate box was small and difficult to grip. There had to be a better way to tune up skates.

Cliff went to work combining his passion for skating and experience as an Air Force engineer…the result was the award-winning Gripz Inline Skate Tool.  That first product was soon followed by a complete line of innovative and thoughtfully designed products. Since the early days, Sonic’s singular focus has been to make skating better.



Museum of Modern Art entrance

If you own the Sonic Gripz Inline Skate Tool, you also own a work of art. The tool is in the Museum of Modern Art (MoMA) New York City, part of the Permanent Collection in MoMA’s Design and Architecture Department.



NASA Space Shuttle

NASA tested our and approved our skate axle kit to fly on the Space Shuttle. NASA engineers rigorously tested the axle kit and found it to be exceptionally smooth & quiet.  They were used as treadmill wheel axles for astronauts to exercise and keep fit in space.



united states patent

Sonic’s design team has been awarded patents/patents pending for the following products:

Gripz Inline Skate Tool
Pro Tool
Speed Tool
Turbo Wash
Skate Repair Stand
Super Gel Twist Tip Syringe




Pack N Roll
– Top 10 New Product, Sporting Goods Dealer magazine
– Featured in GQ, Fitness and Shape magazines

Wheel Rax
– Featured in Skate magazine (Germany)

Gripz Skate Tool
– Recreational Product of the Year, Inline magazine
– Rated 9.95 of 10, Inline Information newsletter
– Featured in California Active, Inline, Inline Skater magazines

Speed Kit
– Featured in GQ magazine

Sonic Puck
– Featured in Men’s Health, GQ magazines

Grip Juice
– Featured in Inline, Inline Hockey News, Inline Skater magazines